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Production technology for Aromatic Rice Cultivation

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Variety: BR 10 and Birsamati.

Date of Sowing : 1 June - 25 June.

Fertilizer: 60:40:40 kg NPK / ha (BR 10) and 120:60:40 kg/ha (Birsamati).

Apply full dose of Phosphorus and Potash after puddling.

Apply ½ dose of Nitrogen at the time of transplanting and remaining doses as topdressing at 2 time, 3 and 6 weeks after transplanting.

Harvesting & Threshing : when 80% grains are ripped in field.

After harvesting grain should be immediately separate from the husk.

Grain Separation : use Miller Type fitted with Rubber Sheller.

Yield : 30 q/ha (BR 10) and 50 q/ha (Birsamati)

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