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Production technology for Summer-Rice Cultivation (Garma Dhan)

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Around 10,000 hectare lands near Baharagora and Getalsood dam of Jharkhand state are cultivated as summer-rice (garma dhan). Sowing should be done after 15th January when temperature is reducing.

Seed should be soaked in warm water for 24 hours, after that covers with wet jute bags.

Germinated seeds should be sown in puddled land. Covers with white plastic sheet during night cold.

Variety: Birsa Vikash Dhan 110 (for Getalsood dam affected area), IR 36, IR 64 and Lalat.

Seed Rate: 60 kg/ha.

Transplanting: 20-25 days old seedlings is transplanted in puddled land.

Mannure: 5 tons FYM / Compost or 5 q/ha Neem Cake before 15 days before ploughing.

Fertilizer: 120:60:40 kg NPK / ha (for IR 36 and other dwarf varieties), and 60:40:20 kg NPK / ha (for Birsa Vikash Dhan 110).

At the time of sowing: apply 1/3 dose of Nitrogen (40 or 20 kg nitrogen), and full dose of phosphorus and potash.

Nitrogen topdressing: 3 and 6 weeks after transplanting, 1/3 dose of Nitrogen (40 or 20 kg nitrogen) apply each time after weeding.

Water management: time to time per week, at least one irrigation should be done.

Yield: 40 q/ha (Birsa Vikash Dhan 110) 60 q/ha (other dwarf varieties)

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Mr. Chaitanya, DRR
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