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Production technology for Upland or Tanr land (Rainfed) rice Cultivation in Jharkhand

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Variety: Birsa Dhan 108, Birsa Vikash Dhan 109 and Vandana.

Date of Sowing: 15 - 30 June. Seed Rate: 100 kg/ha (forbroadcasting) and 80 kg/ha (for in line behind plough furrow. ).

Mannure: 5 tons FYM / Compost or 5 q/ha Neem Cake before 15 days before sowing.

Fertilizer: 40:20:20 kg NPK / ha. Apply 20 kg Phosphorus (125 kg SSP or 50 kg TSP) and 20 kg Potash (50 kg MOP) / ha at the time of sowing.

First Topdressing: 20 kg N (50 kg Urea), 2 weeks after sowing and weeding.

Second Topdressing: 20 kg N (50 kg Urea), 4 weeks after weeding.

Yield: 30 q/ha.

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BAU Ranchi
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Mr. Chaitanya, DRR
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