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Productionising of Industrial Design of Agricultural Implements

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Title: Productionising of Industrial Design of Agricultural Implements.

Type: Central Sector Scheme

Objective :

The Scheme envisages demonstration of improved agricultural Implements & machinery especially newly developed ones with the aim of their popularisation under actual field conditions and development of industrial designs of the functionally prove Agricultural implements and machines through established R&D organisation.

Salient features:

i. Conduct of Demonstration of Improved agricultural equipment under actual field condition at farmer’s field for promotion of farm mechanisation.

ii. Development of Prototype of Agricultural Equipment for their production by manufacturing units.

Pattern of assistance:

i. The scheme provides 100% assistance for development of prototype industrial design of selected agricultural implements and machinery through identified R & D Organisation. The amount is released in three installments.

ii.Funds are also provided to ICAR and State Govts. for conduct of Front Line demonstration/ Demonstration of improved agri-cultural implements and machines for their popularization among farmers under actual field conditions . The grant covers the cost of equipment and contingency for conduct of demonstration.

Eligibility: ICAR & State Governments or any other Governmental organisations.

Procedure to apply: Proposals are to be sent to the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Government of India.

Person to be contacted:

The Joint Secretary,

Machinery Division Department of Agriculture & Cooperation

Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi. Date of Start/Duration 1991-92 and continued during 9th Plan.

Implementation Status: The scheme has been sanctioned for implementation during current financial year with an outlay of Rs. 70.00 lakh.

Additional information: The total outlay for this scheme for ninth plan is Rs. 150.00 lakhs.

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