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Quality Control Arrangement on Seeds

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• Title : Quality Control Arrangement on Seeds
• Types : Central Sector
• Objectives : Setting up of the National Seed Training Centre (NSTC) with modern Seed Testing Laboratory and strengthening of Seed Quality Control Organisation.
• Salient features : 1. To establish the NSTC to impart training to the officials working in various discipline of seed industry. The proposed Seed Testing Laboratory would also act as Central Seed Testing Laboratory (CSTL) as required under Seeds Act,1996. 2. Strengthening of 25 Seed Development Organisations including State Seed Testing Laboratories (SSTLs) and State Seed Certification Agencies (SSCAs) 3. To provide secretariat support to Central Seed Committee (CSC) and Central Seed Certification Board (CSCB), statutory bodies established under Seeds Act 1966. 4. To provide financial assistance to CSTL. 5. To provide financial assistance to NSC/State Seeds Corporation for conducting training. 6. To provide financial assistance to strengthen the Seed Division of Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture.
• Pattern of Assistance : 100 per cent by Central Government.
• Eligibility : State Seed Testing Centre (SSTCs) and State Seed Certification Agencies (SSCAs) having inadequate infrastructure facilities and quantum of seeds tested and certified.
• Procedures to apply : The State Seed Testing Centre (SSTCs) and State Seed Certification Agencies (SSCAs) are required to submit their proposals through respective State Governments alongwith detailed justification to DAC.
• Person to be contacted : The Joint Secretary
Seeds Division ,
Department Agriculture and Cooperation Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi
• Date of Start/duration : 01.04.1997 to 31.03.2002
• Implementation Status : Assistant of Rs.15 lakhs each has been provided for strengthening SSTLs one each in the state of J&K, Gujarat, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, U.P., Punjab,Tripuira, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Assistence of Rs. 10 lakhs has been provided to CSTL at IARI , Pusa , New Delhi. Assistance @ Rs. 50,000/- each amounting to Rs. 16 lakhs has been granted to various state seeds corporations/ State Seed Certification Agencies for imparting training in seed certification, seed testing seed law enforcement and integrated seed development programme. An amount of Rs. 4 lakh has been earmarked for the year 2001-2002 for the purpose. The work relating to construction of NSTC at Varanasi is under progress and likely to be completed by the end of year 2001.
• Additional information : NIL

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