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Rice based farming systems in Punjab

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Rice based farming systems in Punjab

1. Rice and wheat are the major crops cultivated by the farmers of Punjab.

2. Rice followed by wheat is the main cropping system in the state. More than 60% of the total cultivated area in the state in the kharif season is occupied by rice.

3. Other rice based cropping systems prevalent in the state are:

Rice-fallow ;

Rice - Berseem / Linseed / Gram / Barley/ Winter maize;

Rice / Basmati Rice-Wheat – Sathi Maize / Summer Moong / Green manuring;

Rice-Celery ;

Rice- Potato / Peas – Celery ;

Rice-Potato-Potato / Sathi Maize /Summer Moong / Sunflower / Celery / Wheat / Cucurbits ;

Rice-Toria-sunflower ;

Basmati rice – Mentha ;

Bsamati rice – Berseem (seed) ;

Basmati rice- Berseem (fodder).

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Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
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