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Rice Earhead Bug ( Kathier navaipoochi )

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1. Common name- Rice earhead bug.

2. Scientific name - Leptocorisa acuta.

 3. Vernacular name - Kathier navaipooch.

Symptoms of damage of Rice earhead bug:

• Sucking the sap from individual grains, which are in milky stage. • Individual grains become chaffy.

 • Black spots on the grains at the site of feeding puncture.

• Buggy odour in rice field during milky stage Identification of Rice earhead bug.

• Eggs: Dark, reddish brown and laid in rows of 10-15 on the leaves (or) panicles.

• Nymphs: Green to brown. • Adults: Slender with long legs and antennae.

• They are brownish green in colour, while disturbing it emittes stink odour.

Management of Rice earhead bug ( Kathier navaipoochi )

Dust any one of the following at 25 kg/ha twice, the first during flowering and second a week later.

 • Quinalphos 1.5 D .

• Carbaryl 10 D.

 • Malathion 5 D.

 • KKM 10 D .

• KKM dust formulation consists of 10% of Acorus calamus rhizome powder and 90% of fly ash.

 • This dust formulation repels the rice earhead bug. Spray any one of the following twice as above.

 • Fenthion 100 EC @ 500 ml/ha or Malathion 50 EC @ 500 ml/ha.

• Neem seed kernel extract 5% @ 25 kg/ha or Notchi or Prosopis leaf extract 10% .

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