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Rice Leaf roller

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1. Leafroller or leaf folder (Cnaphalocrocis medinalisi is a common pest on upland and lowland rice.
2. The larva rolls the leaf blade by fastening the edges and feed within by scraping mesophyll or the green matter.
3. Feeding reduces productive leaf area that affects plant growth. High infestation often gives a sickly appearance to the field with white patches.
4. If the infestation continues up to the boot leaf stage then it results in heavy yield losses. The moths are brownish orange with two and one distinct dark wavy lines on the brownish fore and hind wings.
5. Eggs are laid singly on the undersurface of the leaves.
6. The total life cycle varies from 25-40 days. The availability of alternate grass hosts during the off-season helps the pest to thrive well in the region.

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