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Chairman    :    Dr. S.K.Tandon

Co-Chairman  :    Dr. S. Santhanu Bosu

Rapporteurs    :    Dr. D.Manohar Jesudas and Dr.C.Divakar Durairaj

Lecture 1    :    "Mehanisation of rice cultivation through the use of improved farm implements and machineries" by Dr.S.K.Tandon

The mechanization scenario in rice and machinery available for all operations from land preparation to harvest was vividly presented.Mechanisation in rice farming should be adopted in full.

Lecture 2    :    "Rice: End to end solution for Rice Mechanizations" by Mr.Antony

The latest advancement in tractor based solutions for rice cultivation was presented. He informed that indigenous transplanter will be available soon.

Lecture 3    :    "Selective Mechanization for enhancing productivity and profitability in rice farming" by Dr.P. Muthukrishanan

The cost economics of mechanized transplanting as compared to manual for transplanting was explained. In mechanized transplanting 20% higher yield was observed.

Lecture 4    :    "Walking type power weeder for wetland rice" by Dr.A.Tajuddin

He presented a novel vertical axis paddy weeder and its working condition.


X     Constant evaluation of implements and mechanization to suit the changing demands of the rice cultivation is must.

X     Energy efficient and user friendly implements will revolutionize the rice farming practiced by small and marginal farmers. Suitable guidelines may be arrived at.

X     Implements widely used in certain states should be adopted and popularized elsewhere.

X     National Mission on Mechanization of Rice Cultivation has to be initiated to reduce the problems in rice farming.

X     R&D on indigenous transplanter need to be intensified.

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