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Rice stemborer

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1. The larvae of these insects bore into the stem and cause damage from July to October.

2. The affected young plants show dead-hearts (yellowing and drying of central shoot) whereas the old ones produce empty earheads which turn white and stand erect.

3. The fields showing more than 5% dead hearts (economic threshold level) should be sprayed with 350 ml of Hostathion 40 EC (triazophos) or 560 ml of Monocil 36 SL (monocrotophos) or 1 litre of coroban / Dursban/ Lethal/ Chlorguard /Durmet / Classic/ Force 20 EC (chlorpyriphos) in 100 litres of water per acre.

4. Further application of any of these insecticides may be repeated as and when damage reaches economic threshold level.

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Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
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