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Safe storage of food grains in Chhattisgarh

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Cereals are stored for seed purpose at least up to one year. Cereals are stored in some typical storage structures . Grain moths of stored cereal are considered as the major insect pest.

a. Types of traditional storage structure Cereals are mostly stored in some traditional structure made from the locally available materials are:-

1. Kaccha Kothi made from the mud used for storing paddy.

2. Dhusie made from paddy straw used for storing paddy.

3. Dholangi made from bamboo used for storing paddy.

b. Treatments applied in paddy storage structures After storing the paddy grains in traditional storage structure some extra efforts are made to protect the grains are:-

1. Grain covered with paddy straw then pasting with mud and coating with cow dung.

2. Grain is covered with palash leaf then mud pasting .

3. Grain is covered with paddy straw then mud pasting then coating with cow dung mixed with salt 50% or insecticide. Cow dung ash is spreaded over the storage structure.

4. Earthen pot filled with water kept over the storage structure to attract the grain moth.

5. Keeping the Mokhala Kanta with paddy grain 6. Sun drying of food grains before storage.

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