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1. It is a selection from a cross between IET 9711 and IET 11162 and has been developed at RARS, Titabar. It is semi-dwarf (113 cm) variety with medium tillering ability (10-13).

2. Its grain are medium bold, kernel white transluscent, non glutinous endosperm, abdominal white absent, non scented.

3. It is suitable for areas where sali rice is followed by rabi crops i.e. in the riverine tracts of Upper Brahmaputra Valley, Central Brahmaputra Valley, North Barak Plain and Lower Brahmaputra Valley Zone of Assam.
4. It is photoperiod insensitive takes 130 days to mature and yields 4 t/ha. It is resistant to gall midge, BPH and WBPH, moderately resistant against stem borer and leaf floder.

5. It is moderately resistant to blast, susceptible to BLB and sheath blight. It is susceptible to submergence and prolonged drought. It has been recommended for release by SVRC in 1996.

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