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Scheme for Market Survey, Investigation and Research Grants in the field of Agricultural Marketing

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           Scheme for Market Survey, Investigation and Research Grants in the field of Agricultural Marketing




Title: Scheme for Market Survey, Investigation and  Research Grants in the field of Agricultural Marketing


Type: Central Sector Scheme   

Objective: To conduct research/studies to identify specific problems & constraints in various areas of agricultural marketing and suggest remedial measures.   

Salient features: Financial assistance is provided to the Agricultural Universities/Research Institutes in the form of Grant-in-aid.  The monetary ceiling is Rs.5 lakhs for each study.  In case of Collaborative study the financial assistance is 75% of the cost with ceiling of Rs.4.5 lakhs.   

Pattern of assistance: Subject to the ceiling, 40% of grant is provided  after approval of the project by Sanctioning Committee, 40% after data collection is over & preliminary report alongwith Utilisation Certificate of 1stinstallment is furnished and balance 20% after approval of the report.   

Eligibility: Agricultural Universities and Research Institutes engaged in research in the field of agricultural marketing.   

Procedure to apply: The Agricultural Universities and research institutes were requested to send detailed proposals to the Jt. A.M.A., D.M.I., B.H.O., Nagpur for consideration before submission to the Sanctioning Committee of the Ministry for approval of the research proposals.   

Person to be contacted: Agricultural Marketing Adviser to the Govt. of India.   

Date of start/ Duration: 1994-95, Decision of the Ministry for continuance of the Scheme by the DMI is awaited from the Ministry.   

Implementation / Status: 35 proposals were approved.  Out of these, 17 project reports have been approved by the Ministry.  Approval awaited for 2 reports.  Principal Investigators of two studies have backed out.  8 study reports are under scrutiny with BHO.  3 study reports are sent back for revision and another 3 study reports are awaited from Investigators.   

Additional Information: Decision of the Ministry to continue the scheme is awaited and hence no further proposal is considered under this scheme.  





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