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Sheath blight (Corticium sasakii)

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1. Greyish green lesions with purple margin develop on the leaf-sheath above the water level. Later, the lesions enlarge and coalesce with other lesions.

2. The symptoms are usually not distinct till flowering. Its severe attack results in the poor filling of the grains.

3. Burn the rice straw and stubbles after harvesting the affected crop. Avoid the excessive use of nitrogenous fertilizers. Keep the bunds clean by removing the grass.

4. To control sheath blight, spray the crop as soon as the disease is noticed at boot stage with Tilt 25 EC @ 200ml or Monceren 250 SC (pencycuron) @ 200 ml or Bavistin 50 WP (carbendazim) @ 200g in 200 litres of water per acre by directing the spray towards the base of the plant. Give one more spray after 15 days.

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Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
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Dr. D. Krishnaveni (DRR)
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