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Sheath Rot

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Sheath Rot

Casual Organism: Saracladium Oryzae


  • The Diseases affects at booting stage.  
  • The uppermost leaf sheath enclosing the young panicle shows oblong or irregular spots with grey centre and brown margin.
  • The boot leaf becomes brownish black and rotten.
  • The grains ill filled and discoloured.
  • The disease spreads through airborne conidia.  
  • Closer planting high humidity and low temp. (25-30 C), injuries caused by earhead bug and mealy bugs, predispose the plants to infection.


  • Application of gypsum @ 500 Kg/ha basally or in two equal splits (basal and tillering stage).
  • Spray Bavistin @ 500 gm or Endofil –M 45 @ 2.5 Kg /ha, Dimecron or Metasystox along with Edifenphos @ 500 ml or Carbendazim @ 250 gm or Mancozeb @ 1 Kg/ha at boot leaf stage.


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DRD, Patna
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Dr.Krishnaveni DRR
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