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Snails and Slugs

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Snails and slugs are Invertebrata and belong to Phylum: Mollusca, Class: Gasteropoda.

Snails differ from slugs in having a spirally coiled shell over their body which in slugs is reduced and completely hidden under the mantle.

1. Common garden snails: Helix, Macrochlamys indica.

2. Green house snail: Opeas gracilis.

3. Giant African snail: Achantina fulica.

They do a lot of damage to vegetables, garden plants, the damage being more serious in the seedling stage.

Giant African snails even damage plantation crops like arecanut, rubber buds and coffee.

Common Indian slugs: Limax sp., Laevicaulis alte, Arion sp.

Management: - Cultural: They can be handpicked and killed.

- Chemical: Metaldehyde (5%), copper sulphate solution (1%) and insecticides (aresenates, persistent organochlorines, etc.)

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