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Soils of Undulating Mid Slopes

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1. Undulating mid soils occur on sleepy to gently sloping undulating to hilly landscape. The soils are very deep, dark brown to dark red, sandy loam to clay loam on the surface and loam to clay loam and at places gravelly sandy clay in the sub-surface horizon, with distinct argillic (clay rich) horizon.

2. These are neutral to weakly acidic in reaction, low in CEC, base saturation and medium to high in water holding capacity.

3. These soils are classified under the orders Alfisols and Ultisols with sub-orders of Ustalfs, Udalfs, Uslults and Udults.

4. The soils are well drained with moderate permeability. The yields obtained in these lands are generally good. Appropriate soil conservation measures and adoption of recommended package of practices are essential to obtain sustained high yields under rainfed cultivation.

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