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Soils of Valley Plains

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1. Soils of valley plains are deposited soils occurring on very gently slope to nearly level of flat valley bottom areas.

2. These are very deep, very dark grey brown, brown to dark reddish brown, sandy loam to clay on the surface and usually clay in the sub-surface horizon.

3. They are neutral to weakly alkaline, usually non-calcareous, and have low to medium CEC and base saturation. The water holding capacity is generally high.

4. The soils are moderately well drained to poorly drain with low to moderate permeability. These soils are classified under the orders Alfisols and Entisols with sub-orders Ustalfs, Udalfs and Fluvents.

5. The yields obtained in these soils are generally good. The soils normally respond well to irrigation, manuring and other management practices.

6. Proper bunding, provision of adequate drainage and adoption of recommended package of practices are essential for obtaining sustained high yields under rainfed cultivation.

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