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Spiny beetle / Rice hispa (Mule vandu)

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1. Common name - Spiny beetle / Rice hispa.

2. Scientific name - Dicladispa armigera.

 3. Vernacular name - Mule vandu ( முள் வண்டு ).

Symptoms of damage of Spiny beetle:

• Adults feed on chlorophyll by scraping and causing white parallel streaks.

• White patches along with long axis of leaf.

• Grubs mine into the leaves and make blister near leaf tips.

Identification of Spiny beetle / Rice hispa ( Mule vandu ):

• Larva - Grub is minute, flat and yellow.

 • Adult - Blue - black shiny beetle with spines on the thorax and elytra.

Management of Spiny beetle / Rice hispa:

• Leaf tip containing blotch mines should be destroyed.

• Manual collection and killing of beetles – hand nets.

• Spray endosulfan 35 EC @1000ml/ha.

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