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Symptoms and Nature of damage of Brown Plant hopper

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Symptom of attack of Brown Plant hopper: Symptoms will not be visible from outside in the early stages, but if we enter the field and tap the plants large number of this insect can be seen. They are visible only when the damage has been severe, the plants present a burnt up appearance, hopper burn, in circular patches.

Nature of damage of Brown Plant hopper: Both the nymphs and adults remain at the ground level and suck the plant sap. It is a typical vascular feeder primarily sucking phloem sap leading to hopper burn.

At early infestation, circular yellow patches appear which soon turn brownish due to the drying up of the plants. The patches of infestation then may spread out and cover the entire field.

The grain setting is also affected to a great extent. During sustained feeding, it excretes a large amount of honeydew. It also acts as vector of the virus diseases like grassy stunt, wilted stunt and ragged stunt.

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ZARS, Mandya
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Mr. Y. Kondal Rao (DRR)
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