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Symptoms and Nature of damage of Green leafhopper

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Symptoms of attack of Green leafhopper: Affected plants become pale yellow in colour and get stunted in growth. If the plants are tapped large number of leafhoppers may be seen jumping to water.

Nature of damage of Green leafhopper: Both nymphs and adults suck the plant sap from the leaf and leaf sheath. (It is a phloem feeder. Amino acid content is high in phloem sap than xylem.

The xylem and phloem vessels are plugged with their stylet sheath that causes disruption in the transport of food substances in the vessels.) Mild infestation reduces the vigour of the plant and the number of reproductive tillers.

Heavy infestation causes withering and complete drying of the crop. Plants are predisposed to fungal and bacterial infection through feeding and ovipositional punctures.

Nymphs and adults exude sticky, whitish honeydew, which attracts sooty mould. It also transmits plant diseases such as dwarf, transitory yellowing, yellow dwarf and rice tungro virus .

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Mr. Y. Kondal Rao (DRR)
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