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Symptoms and Nature of damage of Mealy bug

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Symptom of attack of Mealy bug: The infestation starts in plants one or two month after transplanting. Stunted, circular patches may be seen in the fields. If such plants are pulled out and teased the insects can be seen at the base of the leaves and leaf sheaths.

Nature of damage of Mealy bug: Large number of these insects’ remains inside the leaf sheaths and suck up the plant sap. The affected tillers remain stunted with yellowish curled leaves.

When the attack is severe, it inhibits panicle emergence. This type of disease is called as Soorai disease in Tamil Nadu. The damage occurs from September. In severe cases, yield may be reduced even upto 50%.

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ZARS, Mandya
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Mr. Y. Kondal Rao (DRR)
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