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Symptoms and Nature of damage of Rice case worm

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Symptom of attack of Rice case worm:

Plants stunted, caterpillars hanging on the leaf edges in a tubular case.

Nature of damage of Rice case worm:

1. The caterpillar cuts a piece of leaf, rolls it longitudinally into a tubular structure and remains inside. It feeds by scraping the green tissue of the leaf. The cases often float in the water.

2. Its damage can be distinguished from damage by other pests in two ways, firstly the ladder like appearance of the removed leaf tissue resulting from the back and forth motion of the head during feeding and secondly the damage pattern is not uniform through out the field because the floating cases are often carried in the run off water to low lying fields where the damage is more concentrated.

File Courtesy: 
ZARS, Mandya
Photo Courtesy: 
Mr. Y. Kondal Rao (DRR)
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