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Tilak chandan a farmer’s variety

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Profile of the Farmer

  • Name of the Farmer:  Sri. Dev Nath Verma
  • Location: Dist- Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand
  • Date of Birth and Age as on 31 January 2011 : 15.7.47
  •  Educational Qualification: Intermediate
  •  Landholding (in hectare): 6.0 ha
  •  Rice farming Experience (in years): 35 years
  •  Cropping system adopted by farmer : Rice-Wheat-       Sugarcane 
Title and Nature of Innovation: Tilak Chandan a farmer’s variety
Description of innovation: The variety is short stem length between 95 to 105 cm with green leaf sheath, colourless auricles and collars.The sterile lemma is straw coloured. Aromatic rice with the presence of moderate aroma. The grain width is narrow and decorticated grain shape is medium slender. It takes 100-105 days for panicle initiation. Grain size is small but gets elongated twice after cooking. Good under organic farming condition. Fairly resistant to bacterial leaf blight.
Problem Statement (How a particular problem was solved by the innovation): This variety is resistant to brown spot and stem borer and moderately resistant to rice blast.
Process of technology development: Validation trails conducted by GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
Recognition for the innovation:   Registered a Plant Variety (Tilak Chandan) by the Government of India, Plant varieties registry
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