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Tractor for Puddling

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 1. Tractors are available in two power ranges. Small power tractor with 18 HP is exclusively meant for rice cultivation.

2. It is a light weight tractor with four wheel drive with rotovator on the hydraulic mount exclusively used for puddling in wetlands.

3. The rotovator operates with the drive from tractor power take off. It has a small turning radius.

4. Traffic ability problem can be avoided with this tractor due to its light weight.

5. It can cover one hectare in 2.5-3 hours for puddling. The tractor can be used for dryland preparation by attaching mouldboard plough, cultivator etc on the hydraulic mount. The cost is approximately 1.8 Lakhs.

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DRR Training Manual
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Dr. R. M. Kumar (DRR)
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