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Training in Plant Protection

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• Title : Training in Plant Protection
• Type National Plant Protection Training Institute, Rajendra Nagar,Hyderabad – 500 030 (AP), India.
• Objectives Human Resource Development in Plant Protection Technology by organising long and short duration training courses on different aspects of plant protection.
• Salient features i) The institute has been recognised by FAO of United Nation as a Regional Training Centre for Plant Protection and World Bank as an advanced Centre for training in Plant Protection Technology.
ii) The Institute also imparts training to foreign nationals sponsored through bilateral programmes/FAO/UNDP, etc.
iii) The Institute has seven faculties viz., Entomology, Plant Pathology, Chemistry, Agricultural Engineering, Weed Science, Extension and Application Techniques. Most of faculty staff are highly qualified with Ph. D. Degree in their respective field of specialisation.
iv) The Institute has sanctioned staff strength of 109 posts.
v) The Institute has well equipped laboratories of Chemistry, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Weed Science, Agricultural Engineering etc. for conducting different studies/analysis required for practical demonstration to trainees of different courses.
vi) Hostel facilities for trainees are available in the Institute campus.
• Pattern of Assistance i) The Institute organises Post Graduate Diploma course in Plant Protection of 10 months duration for in service personnel of States/UTs and unemployed Agricultural Graduates.
ii) Organises courses in analysis of Pesticides Formulation and Pesticide Residue of 3 months duration each for the benefit of State Pesticide Testing Laboratories, State Agricultural Universities/ ICAR.
iii) Also organises short duration courses of 1-2 weeks for the extension personnel of States/UTs.
• Eligibility i) The schedule of training programmes of long and short duration courses are circulated every year to all States/UTs, Vice Chancellors of Agricultural Universities, ICAR Institutes/Research Centres etc.
ii) For admission of unemployed Agricultural Graduates in Post Graduates Diploma Course in Plant Protection of ten months duration, starting in the month July, advertisements are issued in all leading newspapers in different languages.
• Procedures to apply Nominations through Sate Governments/UTs
• Person to be contacted i) The Plant Protection Adviser
Directorate of Plant Protection,
Quarantine & Storage,
to the Govt. of India
N. H. IV, Faridabad.
PIN – 121 001 (Haryana), India
Tel. No. : 0113385026 (Delhi)
Fax : 0113384182
Tel. No. : 0129 – 5413985 (Fbd.)
Fax : 0129 – 5412125 ii) The Director
National Plant Protection Training Institute
Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad
PIN – 500 030 (AP), India
Tel. No. : 040 – 4015346
• Implementation Status : The programme is ongoing.

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