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Transplanted hybrid rice

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Seed rate - 20 kg per hectare


1. Basal application of DAP at 2 kg/cent of nursery area. Sparse sowing of seeds at one kg/cent of nursery area will give robust seedlings with 1-2 tillers per seedling at the time of planting.

2. If the soil is heavy, apply 4 kg gypsum/cent of nursery area, 10 days before pulling of seedlings. Age of seedling -20 to 25 days.

3. Spacing (cm)-20 x 10 (50 hills/m2) or 25 x 10 (40 hills/m2) according to soil fertility Seedlings/ hill-One (along with tillers if already produced) , Fertilizer-175:60:60 kg N, P2O5 and K2O/ha.

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