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1. This method should be used in the regions having rainfall more than 1000mm. This method is extensively in the Konkan and Vidarbha regions of Maharashtra.

2. Seed rate should be 35-40 kg /ha. In case of rice hybrids 20 kg seeds are sufficient for one hectare. The nursery of 1000 sq.m. is sufficient for transplanting of one hectare.

3. Nursery should be maintained as explained above. In Kharif season, the seedlings having 12 to 15 cm height, 5-6 leaves and age of 21-25 DAS should be used for transplanting.  

4. In Rabbi season, seedling should be at age of 35- 40 DAS. Spacing should be 15 x 15 or 20 x 15 cm and 2-3 seedlings per hill is recommended. In case of hybrid seed, 20 x 20 spacing and one seedling per hill is recommended.

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