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Ten to fifteen days before transplantation plough the soil thoroughly and submerge in 5-10cm standing water. Add 2-3 t/acre of green manure and incorporate it by puddling. Then level the soil perfectly. In soils, having more than 8.5 pH apply 100-150 kg zypsum/acre.
The crop is transplanted in the mainfield at 25-30days after sowing.
Transplanting is done in one of two methods: random or straight-row.
In the random method, seedlings are transplanted without a definite distance or space between plants as you can see in this frame.
The straight-row method follows a uniform spacing between plants. The seedlings are transplanted in straight rows. You will need planting guides to have uniform spacing. Planting guides are made of wire, twine, and wood. Set the planting guides in the field before transplanting. In this method, make sure the roots and base of the seedlings are inserted into the soil right under the loop or mark on the planting wire .After planting one row of seedlings, move the guides to the next row and then continue planting. Move backward for each subsequent row.
You can also use another method of transplanting in straight rows i.e by mechanical or machine transplanter

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