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(i) Dates of Transplanting : Time of transplanting is a single factor which influences rice yield substantially. For getting maximum yield of rice and for the timely vacation of the field for sowing wheat and other crops adopt the following transplanting schedule :

 Second fortnight of June : PR 122, PR 121, PR 118, PR 116, PR 114, PR 113 and PR 111

 Under late sown conditions : PR 115

(ii) Age of Seedlings at Transplanting : Start uprooting the nursery when the seedlings become 25 to 30 days old. As the transplanting proceeds, use seedlings from the same nursery sown in May. Seedlings older than 30 days upto 55 days give better yield under late transplanting for long duration varieties. However, in short duration varieties seedlings of 25-30 days should be preferred.

(iii) Uprooting of Seedlings : irrigate the nursery before uprooting, Wash the seedlings in water to remove mud.

(iv) Method of Transplanting :

(a) Flat puddled transplanting : Transplant seedlings in lines at 20 x 15 cm (33 hills/sq m) for normal and 15 x 15 cm (44 hills/sq m) for the late transplanting. Put 2 seedlings per hill. The seedlings should be transplanted upright and about 2-3 cm deep. This practice ensures good establishment of seedlings and early tillering, which are essential for good tiller development and synchronous flowering.

(b) Bed transplanting : Transplant 30 days old seedlings on the middle of the slopes of beds prepared with wheat bed planter on heavy textured sols. After field preparation (without puddling), apply basal dose of fertilizer and prepare beds. Irrigate the furrows and immediately transplant seedlings by maintaining a plant to plant distance of 9 cm to ensure 33 seedlings/m2. During the first 15 days after transplanting rrigation water should be allowed to pass over the beds once in 24 hours. Threreafter apply irrigation in furrows only two days after

the ponded water has infiltrated into the soil. Every care should be taken that field does not develop cracks in the furrows. In this way about 25 per cent of total applied irrigation water can be saved without affecting the grain yield. For controlling weeds spray Nominee Gold/washout 10 SC (bispyribac) at 120 ml per acre in 150 litres of water as post emergence‘, 20-25 days after transplanting. Hand pulling of weeds can be done, if needed. Follow other cultural practices as recommended for flat puddled transplanted rice.

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