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Transplanting for Irrigated Rice

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1. Level the main field after fertilizer application and maintain a thin film of water.

2. Transplant 30 – 35 days old seedlings (4-5 leaf stage) from wet or dry bed nursery. Plant at shallow depth of 3-4 cm with 2 seedlings per hill.

3. Plant at 10 cm (plant to plant) x 20 cm (row to row) spacing. Fill gaps twice; one week after planting and again 15 days later. Wherever planting is delayed or old seedlings are used, plant 5-6 seedlings/hill.

4. Ensure 25% extra plant population by planting at a closer spacing. More care may be needed in fertilizer application and managing pests. Apply butachlor granules (1kg a.i./ha) one day after transplanting

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