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Unpuddled direct seeded rice

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Direct sowing of rice can also be practised with the adoption of following points to make this technology a success:

1. Sow rice by direct seeding onlyin medium to heavy soils and its cultivation is not successful on light textured soils due to severe iron deficiency

2. Proper control of weeds is very essential for raising a healthy crop of direct seeded rice

3. Ensure its proper establishment by sowing it with rice drill

4. For direct sowing , sow during first fortnight of June by raising 8-10kg seed per acre with tractor drill at 20 cm row spacing. For controlling weeds apply Stomp 30 EC(pendimethalin @ 1.0 litre/acre with in two days of sowing followed by Nominee Gold/Taarak/Wash out/Macho 10SC(bispyribac)100ml per acre/Segment 50 DF(azimsulfuron@16g per acre at 30-35 days after sowing. Spray these herbicides uniformly by mixing them in 150-200 litres of water per acre and use flat fan/flood jet nozzle for spray. Use Nominee Gold 10 SC when the crop is infested with swank and paddy mothas and Segment 50 DF can be used only if paddy mothas are present in the field. Sowing of short duration varieties should be preferred.Apply 60kg nitrogen (130kg Urea) per acre in four equal splitsat two, four,seven and tenweeks after sowing. Phosphorus and potash should be applied only if the soil tests showdeficiency of these nutrients.To fulfill the water need of the crop, apply irrigation at 5 days intervaldepending upon the soil type. The interval may be adjusted with rainfall. Stop irrigation 10 days before harvesting. Depending upon the soil type, there will be saving of 10-15 percent irrigationwater in direct seeded rice as compared to transplanted rice

5. For direct seeding PR 115 is the most suitable variety

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