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Upland soils of Red Sandy Soils in Karnataka

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1. Upland soils of red sandy soils are usually situated on convex ridges with 3-5 per cent gradient or more. The soils are shallow to moderately deep, reddish brown to dark reddish brown, gravelly loamy sand to sandy loam on the surface with sandy loam to gravelly sand clay in the subsurface horizons.

2. They are neutral to slightly acidic in reaction and low in cation exchange capacity, base saturation and water holding capacity but well drained with rapid permeability.

3. These soils are classified under the orders Entisols, Inceptisols and Alfisols with suborders, Orthents, Ochrepts and Ustalfs.

4. Though these soils respond well to irrigation, manuring and other management practices, the yields are very low due to low fertility status, shallow rooting depth and inadequate storage soil moisture capacity.

5. Adequate storage soil moisture conservation measures, combined with adequate application of organic manures to improve soil structure, fertility and water holding capacity are essential to obtain satisfactory yields under rainfed cultivation.

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