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Rice is a staple food and used by many ways as under.

1. Staple food: Rice is used as a staple food by more than 60 percent of World population. Cooking of rice is a most popular way of eating. There are many ways of domestic use like khichdi, pulav, kheer, zeera rice, idli, dosa etc.

2. Starch: Rice starch is used in making ice-cream, custard powder, puddings, gel, distillation of potable alcohol, etc.

3. Rice bran: It is used in confectionery products like bread, snacks, cookies and biscuits. The defatted bran is also used as cattle feed, organic fertilizer (compost), medicinal purpose and in wax making.

4. Rice bran oil: Rice bran oil is used as edible oil, in soap and fatty acids manufacturing. It is also used in cosmetics, synthetic fibres, plasticisers, detergents and emulsifiers.

5. Flaked rice: It is made from parboiled rice and used in many preparations.

6. Puffed rice: It is made from paddy and used as whole for eating.

7. Parched rice: It is made from parboiled rice and is easily digestible. In India, about 4-5 percent of total supplies of rice are used as parched rice.

8. Rice husk: It is used as a fuel, in board and paper manufacturing, packing and building materials and as an insulator. It is also used for compost making and chemical derivatives.

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