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Weed Management

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Weed Management

(A) Hand Weeding is advised for 2 times.

(B) Chemical Weeding

(i) Direct Sowing:

        (a) As Post-Emergence: Spray Butachlor 50 E.C. or Thiobencarb 50 E.C. @ 2-3 litre/ha in 700-800 litre of water after 2-3 days of sowing to control all types of weeds.

        (b) As Pre-Emergence: Spray Alachlor 50 E.C. or Butachlor 50 EC @ 4 lit./ha before sowing in upland condition to check the germination of all weed seeds.

(ii) Transplanted Rice Field: Spray Anilophos 30 E.C. 0.4 lit./ha or Oxyflorfen 200 g/ha or Butachlor 50 E.C. 2 lit./ha in 600-700 lit. of water after 5-7 days of sowing to control all types of weeds. Standing water in the field shouldn’t be > 5 cm.

(iii) Deep Water Rice : Apply Butachlor 5% or Thiobencarb 5% or Anilophos 5% granules 20-25 Kg or Copper Sulphate Powder @ 15-20 Kg/ha mixed with 100 Kg sand and broadcast in the field after 2-3 days of transplanting to control aquatic weeds.

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