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Wet Nursery

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Wet Nursery

1. Seed rate: 50-60 kg/ha for coarse variety, 35- 40 kg/ha for fine variety and 20 kg/ha for hybrids.

2. Seed treatment: Dry seed treatment: Seeds are treated with fungicide like Bavistin or Thiram @ 2 g/kg of seeds, 24 hours before sowing and the seeds are treated with Azospirillum at 600g per ha of seeds.

3. Wet seed treatment: Treat seeds in Carbendazim or Pyroquilon or Tricyclozole solution at 2 g/lit of water for 1 kg of seed. Soak the seeds in the solution for 2 hrs. Drain the solution, sprout the seeds and sow in the nursery bed. It gives protection to the seedlings up to 40 days from seedling disease such as blast.

4. Nursery area: Total seedbed area is normally calculated as 10 -12% of the main field to be transplanted.

5. Nursery bed preparation: The seed beds should be of one meter width and of convenient length and separated by channels 30 cm width.

6. Sowing: Sparse sowing of seeds (20–25 g/m2) can contribute to obtain healthy seedlings with 3–4 tillers at the time of transplanting.

7. Watering: First drain the water 18-24 hrs after sowing and allow enough water to saturate the soil from 3-5th day. From 5th day onwards, increase the quantity of water to a depth of 1.5 cm depending on the height of seedling, afterwards maintain 2.5 cm depth of water.

8. Fertilizer management: For every 100 m2 area of the seedbed, about 0.5–1.0 kg of nitrogen, 0.5 kg of phosphorous and 0.5 kg of potash fertilizers should be applied. In addition to chemical fertilizers, FYM might be applied at 250 kg/100 m2 before seed bed preparation.

9. Weed management: Weed management in nursery may rely on hand weeding or on application of butachlor + safener (1.5 kga.i./ha), 3–4 days after nursery sowing.

10. Pest management: Soil application of Phorate 10G @ 10 Kg/ha. Or Quinalphos 5G @ 15 Kg/ ha. Or Carbofuran 3G @ 16.5 Kg/ha. 25 days after sowing.

11. Age of transplanting:

  • Short duration varieties : 20-25 days
  • Medium duration varieties: 25-30 days
  • Long duration varieties : 35-40 days

12. Advantages: Tillers emerging in the seed bed produce more spikelets/panicle than tillers that emerge after transplanting.

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