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Whorl maggot ( Kuruthu EE)

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1. Common name- Whorl maggot.

2. Scientific name - Hydrellia sasakii.

3. Vernacular name - Kuruthu EE ( குருத்து ஈ ) .

Symptom of damage of Whorl maggot:

• Maggot feeds on the tender tissue inside the whorl.

• Yellowish white longitudinal marginal blotching with hole.

• Leaves shrivelled plant stunted and maturity delayed.

• Drooping of young leaves near the tip.

Identification of Whorl maggot.

• Maggot - Yellowish white in colour.

• Adult - Small dull grey fly. Management of Whorl maggot.

• Remove the alternate hosts and adjust the time of planting (early).

 • Use early maturing varieties.

 • Optimum recommendation of potash fertilizer.

 • Spray endosulfan 35 EC @1000ml/ha.

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