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Why use Dry Direct Seeding?

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1. Transplanted rice has deleterious effects on the soil environment for the succeeding rice and other upland crops. Direct seeded rice which removes puddling and drudgery of transplanting.

2. The young rice seedlings provides an option to resolve the adaphic conflict and enhance the sustainability of cropping system.

3. Puddling requires lots of scarce water at a time when there is little water in the reservoirs, destroys soil structure and adversely affects soil productivity.

4. Direct Sowing of rice overcomes the problem of seasonality in labour requirement for rice nursery raising and transplanting operations. Unlike puddle fields, direct Sown rice fields do not crack and thus help in save irrigation water.

5. Surface retained residue serve as physical barrier to emergence of weeds, moderate the soil temperature in summers and winters, conserve soil moisture, add organic matter and nutrients to the soil on decomposition.

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