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Wooden hammer (Muthla)


1. Wooden made hammer just like iron hammer, but longer in size, having with 3-3.5 fit wooden handle, lower wooden log is of 2-2.5 kg.

2. After ploughing villagers use it for breaking big clods on field.


Hullers / Rice mills

1. Cleaned paddy on an average yields 72 percent rice, 22 percent husk and 6 percent bran.

2. The traditional hand pounding or foot pounding (Dhenki) has now become noncompetitive. The rice hullers, shellers and modern rice mills have gained popularity.

3. Hullers seldom give about 65 percent total yields with 20-30 percent broken besides, it does not give completely cleaned rice.

4. The most modern rice mills (single Pass) are available in 2-4 tons per hour capacity. The m


Winnowing fans

1. The hand operated and power operated winnowing fans are commercially available.

2. The paddy threshed by manual beating or by pedal operated paddy thresher is cleaned by using these fans.

3. These winnowing fans consist of frame either made up of wood, angle iron, welded steel or combination of the two along with driving mechanisms namely, sprocket and chain, belt and pulleys and single or double reduction gears.

Traditional winnowing fan:

4. Base o


Threshing Roller


1. The Special quality of mahua (Madhuca indica) wood tends to use it intensively for this purpose.

2. It is two side axel rollers, which is fitted in grooves of plank connecting the bullocks.

3. Mahua is heavy in weight and also available near village.

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