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Improved storage structures

1. Improved bins: Different organisations developed and designed improved storage structures for scientific storage of foodgrains, which are moisture resistant and rodent-proof.

2. Brick-build godowns: These are made by brick-walls with cemented flooring for storing paddy/rice in bulk and bags.

3. Cement plastered bamboo bin: This bin developed by Post Harvest Technology Centre, Kharagpur, in which bamboo strips are used to form t


Grain Storage System in Chhattisgarh


1. Food grain produce is kept reserve for off season food purpose and seed purpose. The major grain stored in this region is paddy, which is kept in different type of storage structures.

2. The different types of structures are depending on the climatic condition and availability of materials used for making the structures. The type of storage structure varies according


Safe storage of food grains in Chhattisgarh

Cereals are stored for seed purpose at least up to one year. Cereals are stored in some typical storage structures . Grain moths of stored cereal are considered as the major insect pest.

a. Types of traditional storage structure Cereals are mostly stored in some traditional structure made from the locally available materials are:-

1. Kaccha Kothi made from the mud used for storing paddy.

2. Dhusie made from paddy straw used for storing paddy.

3. Dholangi made from bamb

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