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Location specific Nutrient management to rice crop

Manure: Apply 5 tones FYM or Compost or 5 quintal Karanj or Neem cack per ha in direct seeded rice or before 15 days after transplanting. Karanj or Neem cack are also effective in controlling nematodes in field. Integrated Nutrient Management for Rice: INM approach is required to ensure higher yield. As for as possible, apply fertilizer as per soil test recommendation. If it is not followed, adopt blanket recommendation as follows in Jharkhand state. All P2O5 and K2O should be applied as basa


Production technology for Transplanted Rice Cultivation


Varieties suitable for Transplanted Rice Cultivation.

1. Early (100-115 days): Anjali, Birsa Vikash Dhan 110 and Sahbhagi.

2. Medium (120-135days): Abhishek, Naveen, Lalat, IR 36 and IR 64.

3. Late (140 days): Swarna (MTU 7029), Rajshri, Sambha Mahsoori (BPT 5204) and Birsamati.

1 June


Production technology for Summer-Rice Cultivation (Garma Dhan)


Around 10,000 hectare lands near Baharagora and Getalsood dam of Jharkhand state are cultivated as summer-rice (garma dhan). Sowing should be done after 15th January when temperature is reducing.

Seed should be soaked in warm water for 24 hours, after that covers with wet jute bags.

Germinated seeds should be sown in puddled land. Covers with white plastic shee


Production technology for Rice Cultivation by SRI Method in Jharkhand


Variety : Any improved or hybrid variety.

Seed Rate : 5 kg/ha.

Nursery : Broadcasting 20 gm germinated seeds / m2 (Toatl 250 m2 area).

Transplanting : 8 or 12 days plant with soil from nursery in space of 25 X 25 cm (one plant per hill).

Mannure : 10 tons FYM / Compost or 5 q/ha Neem Cake before 15 days before sowing.

Fertilizer : 120:60:40 kg NPK / ha (dwarf variety) and 150:75:90 kg NPK / ha (hybrid variety).

Full doses of Phosphorus and Pot


Production technology for Hybrid Rice Cultivation in Jharkhand


Variety : Proagro or Arise 6444, Arise 6201.

Date of Sowing : 1 June - 20 June.

Seed Rate : 15 kg/ha.

Mannure : 5 - 10 tons FYM / Compost or 5 q/ha Neem Cake before 15 15 days before sowing.

Fertilizer : 150:75:90 kg NPK / ha. Full dose of Phosphorus and 60 kg Potash (DAP and MOP) and ¼ Nitrogen at the time of transplanting.


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