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Symptoms and Nature of damage of Rice case worm

Symptom of attack of Rice case worm:

Plants stunted, caterpillars hanging on the leaf edges in a tubular case.

Nature of damage of Rice case worm:

1. The caterpillar cuts a piece of leaf, rolls it longitudinally into a tubular structure and remains inside. It feeds by scraping the green tissue of


Control of Rice case worm

1. Flooding the field followed by dragging a roap across the field and draining out the water from the field.

2. Many predators including Spiders, dragonflies, Hydrophilid larvae and birds predate on larvae and adults.

3. Trichogramma minutum Ashmead is reported as a parasite of caseworm eggs.

4. A braconid wasp Dacnusa sp. and a tabanid fly Tabanus sp. parasitize the caseworm larvae.

5. Spraying the crop with 0.05 per cent fenitrothion or 0.05 per cent malathion or 0.


Life stages of Rice case worm

Egg: Eggs are light yellow, disc like, smooth and irregular in shape. They are laid on the underside of the leaves floating on the water.

Larva: They hatch into green caterpillars with orange brownish head. Each caterpillar lives inside a tubular case and hang down the leaves. The tubular cases are open at one end. The inside of the case is lined with silk to hold a thin film of water, which is essential for respiration and preventing desiccation of the


Rice case worm

Order: Lepidoptera

Family : Pyraustidae

Scientific name : Nymphula depunctalis

Local name:

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