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Control Measures for Brown planthopper(Tudtuda)

Chemical Control Measures for Brown planthopper : Spraying the crop with 0.05 per cent fenitrothion or 0.5 per cent malathion or 0.05 per cent fenthoate or dusting with carbaryl 10 per cent @20kg /ha depending upon 5-10 hoppers/ hill ETL.

Biological Control Measures of Brown planthopper: Growing BPH tolerant varieties like IET-7575, 7568, 1315,6314, 7943, CO-42 etc.


Nature of damage for Brown planthopper (Tudtuda)


1. The nymphs and adults suck sap from the basal portions of the plants, insert eggs into, leaf sheath or mid ribs and inject some toxins.

2. Cumulative effect of all these results in premature yellowing of leaves leading to dying. Later the plant dies.

3. Drying of plants occurs in isolated circular patche


Brown planthopper (Tudtuda)

1. Pest Name - Brown planthopper.

2. Scientific Name - Nilparvata lugens.

3. Local Name - Tudtuda.

4. Pests characteristics - Sporadic in occurrence.

5. Infestation intensities - Severe.

6. Crop Growth stages - Maximum tillering and reproductive. stage.

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