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Control Measures for Rice leaf folder ( Pane Gundalnari Ali )

Manual Control Measures for Rice leaf folder :

Flooding the field followed by dragging a roap across the field and draining out the water from the field.

Chemical control measures for rice leaf folder:

Spraying the crop with 0.05 per cent fenitrothion or 0.05 per cent malathion or 0.15 per cent carbaryl taking into consideration 1- 2 leaf rolls / hill ETL.

Biological Control Measures for Rice leaf folder


Nature of damage for Rice leaf folder (Pane Gundalnari Ali )


1. Larvae feed on leaf tissues and as they become older they fold the leaves longitudinally by bringing together margins, glue with silken threads and live in tubes thus formed.

2. They feed on chlorophyll, resulting initially in whitish longitudinal broad streaks on leaves and later in membranous leaves giving scorched appearance.

3. Vigour of the plant is redu


Rice leaf folder ( Pane Gundalnari Ali )


1. Pest Name - Rice leaf folder.

2. Scientific Name - Cnaphalocrosis medinalis.

3. Local Name - Pane Gundalnari Ali.

4. Infestation intensities - Low.

5. Crop Growth stages - Boot leaf stage.

6. Pests characteristics -

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