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1. Date of formation of state : 1st May1960 2. No. of districts: 35 3. Area: 8,07,713 sq km 4. Villages: 41,095 5. Capital: Mumbai 6. Towns: 378 7. Population: 96,752,247 8. Per capita income at current prices (2005-2006): Rs 37,081

Portulaca oleracea L. Common purslane


Marathi Name: Ghol.

Family: Portulacacaeae.


• Prostrate succulent herb.

• It produces by seeds and stem fragments.

• Stem is succulent, fleshy, freely branched, normally forming mats when infesting intensively. Branches often reddish or purplish.

• Distributed throughout the tropical and subtropica


Eclipta alba

Marathi name: Maka.

Family: Asteraceae .


• Diffusely branched annual herb.

• Leaves opposite, sessile, linear or oblong lanceolate narrowed at both ends;

• Propagation - seeds.


Commelina benghalensis L. Day flower


Marathi Name: Kena Family: Commelinaceae Description: • Broad leaf herbaceous weed • Widely distributed in the tropics. • Succulent or fleshy creeping and rooting below • Seeds closely pitted. • It s well adapted to moist swampy conditions making rapid growth and thick infestation can smother low growing crops. • Propagation - broken piece

Celosia argentia L. ( Cox comb)


Marathi Name: Kuradu, Kombada

Family: Amaranthaceae


• Erect glabrous tall herb with 1-1.5 m tall.

• Leaves alternate, simple and unbranched.

• Shallow root system.

• Propagation -seeds which germinates with the onset of rains.

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