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Package of Practices
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Monochoria vaginalis ( Monochoria)


Marathi Name: Family: Pontederiaceae


• Root stock short and sub erect.

• Leaves linear or narrowly ovate with cordate base 5 to 15 cm long .

• Propagation - seed and root stock.

Thrives well in moist places


Echinocloa crus galli ssp. Hispidula (Barn yard grass)

Marathi Name: Kusali pakhad

Family: Poaceae


• Tufted annual grass.

• Height - 30- 60 cm with thick, coarse, mostly erect smooth and branching at the base.

• Sessile leaf blades attached to a smooth sheath which encircles the stem in the absence of ligule. The leaf blade is 10-30 cm long and 5-20 mm wide. Midrib is prominent.

• Stem is stout. Culms branches at the base and produce tillers.

• Widely distributed thro


Recommended Weed Management in Rice for Maharashtra state

Weed Management in Rice:

1. Weeds should be removed manually twice (20 and 40 days after transplanting) or use effective herbicide (butachlor 50 EC @ 1.5 kg a.i./ha).

2. Recommended dose of the herbicide should be mixed in fine sand (50 kg/ha) and broadcasted uniformly in field within a week of transplanting.

3. Water level in the field should be 1 – 2 cm at the time of herbicide application and after 24 hours of herbicide application again increase


Saline alkali soils of Maharashtra


1. These are also of two types, viz.,

a) coastal saline soils.

b) saline alkali and alkali soils of the inland region.

2. The coastal saline soils occur all along the west coast in the districts of Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Thane and Raigad.

3. These soils are suitable only for growing saline resistant rice varieties which is the common crop


Forest and hill soils of Maharashtra


1. These soils are also derived the mountainous tarrain in the west in the districts of Nashik, Ahmadnagar, Pune, Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur and in the east in Chandrapur district. As the rainfall in this region is comparatively high (1200 to 2000 mm), the soils are low in base status and neutral to slightly acidic in reaction. 2. These soils of the Western Ghats are
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