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Extension Methods
  • Extension methods have been seen as viable factor of agricultural production in India and elsewhere. Whether a public or private sector extension system, it should work on viable extension strategies based on various parameters existing at grass root level.
  • The strategies will trickle down to what are known as extension methods /tools/ techniques which remain same for any kind of extension system.
  • Even though, there are efforts to document the extension methods and tools elsewhere, making these available through online or offline CD format has never been thought over. It is in this context, it is felt that a comprehensive database is created and made available in the most readable format.


Panel Discussions

  • Panel discussion is a process by which a number of persons pool their knowledge and experiences or feelings, and through discussion and general agreement, clarify the issues under consideration.
  • The leader of the discussion group should serve as a moderator rather than as a resource person.

Factors in planning field trips and tours

Some factors which should be taken into consideration in planning field trips and tours are:
  • Smaller groups are more manageable than large groups and the members of a smaller group may, therefore, get more benefit From a visit
  • The maximum numb

Field trips and tours: Guidelines for arrangements

Some useful guidelines in arranging effective field trips and tours are:
  • Decide on the purpose of the tour
  • Consult local leaders to select places and things to be seen, the time required for each visit and the people to be invited

Advantages of field trips and tours

  • Field trips and tours can present information in a clear way to enable the visitors to understand the message
  • Considering their important educational impact on the members they may be amongst the most effective and economical methods of teaching the broader aspects of extension. 

Planning of field days: Some considerations

Some factors which should be taken into account in planning field days are:
  • They are usually organised for limited groups of people. If the participants are large in numbers, they should be divided into two or more small groups and visit the spots in rotations
  • EIS,Extension methods
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