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Extension Methods
  • Extension methods have been seen as viable factor of agricultural production in India and elsewhere. Whether a public or private sector extension system, it should work on viable extension strategies based on various parameters existing at grass root level.
  • The strategies will trickle down to what are known as extension methods /tools/ techniques which remain same for any kind of extension system.
  • Even though, there are efforts to document the extension methods and tools elsewhere, making these available through online or offline CD format has never been thought over. It is in this context, it is felt that a comprehensive database is created and made available in the most readable format.


Classification of Extension Methods According to their Form

 Extension-teaching methods are also classified according to their forms, such as written/ Printed, Verbal, Object or visual and combination of extension methods. Some of the important methods under each of these categories are given in the following table below.

EIS,Extension methods

Guidelines in selecting extension methods

The extension method should be chosen based on the following factors.
· Resource requirement- Will the method require money, transport, materials, equipment, and others? Are these resources readily available in the area?

· Coverage - Will the method reach out to a greater number of villagers? Will it have a wider area of coverage?

· Speed of delivery- Is the method the fastest way for a message or technology or technique to


Classification of Extension Methods - Based on contact

Based upon the nature of contact, they are divided into individual, group & mass-contact methods.

Individual-contact methods. Extension methods under this category pro

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