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Farmers Innovations
  • Some of the Indian farmers have always been innovative in showing the world about best rice cultivation practices with their innovations, adapt or reinvent recommended technologies or look for opportunities to compete in the global economy.
  • To help spur this innovative spirit, RKMP brings to you various innovations related to rice crop.  If you have some innovations that are worth sharing on RKMP platform, please write to us!

Profile of the Farmer                                                                                                                          

Semi SRI since 15 years, Organic farming.

Profile of the Farmer:-

• Name of the Farmer: Mr.Veerapaneni Veerabhadra Rao

• Location: Vaanapamula, Peddaparupudi mandal

• Krishna Dt.

• Date of Birth and Age as on 31 January 2011 :13.10.1939, 72 yrs

• Educational Qualification: Ag. B Sc (discontinued)

• Landholding (in hectare): 8 acres

• Rice farming Experience (in years): 35 yrs

• Cropping system adopted by farmer : Rice – Bl


Overcoming cyclonic loss by growing paddy variety RGL-2537

Profile of the Farmer:                                                                                                


SRI cultivation in paddy and sugarcane

Profile of the farmer                                                                              EIS,Farmers Innovation

Standardization of Hybrid Rice seed Production of KRH-2

Profile of the Farmer

Name of the Farmer:  Rajib Kundu

Location: Hoogly, Karnataka

Date of Birth and Age as on 31 January 2011 : 10-03-1983, 28 yrs

Educational Qualification: Higher Secondary

Landholding (in hectare): 4 ha

Rice farming Experience (in years): 6 yrs

Cropping system adopted by farmer : Rice-Potato-S

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