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• Title :  EEC assisted project for Reclamation and Development of Alkali Soils in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

• Type : Externally aided.

• Objectives : To improve the income level of small and marginal farmers by reclaiming the potential fertile Alkali land.

• Salient features : The components under the scheme are i) On farm development. ii) Boring iii) Soil amendment. iv) Green m

• Title : All India and Land Use Survey and application of Remote Sensing Technology • Type : Central Sector • Objectives : 1. To carry out rapid Reconnaissance surveys in the catchments of River Valley Projects, Non-RVPs, and Flood Prone Rivers for demarcating priority watersheds yielding maximum sediment load/run-off which are in need of conservation treatment on priority basis for minimising sediment load and flood control. 2. Detailed soil surveys in the priority watersheds, which

Natural Disaster Management Programme

• Title : Natural Disaster Management Programme. • Type : Central Sector Scheme • Objectives : To enhance the national capability for disaster reduction, preparedness and mitigation. The scheme is also expected to enhance the level of awareness of the community about the disasters they are likely to face and prepare them adequately to face the crisis situation in future. • Salient features : The components of the scheme are human resource development, research and consultancy se

Title: Strengthening of Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institutes at Budni (MP), Hissar (Haryana), Garladinne (A.P) and Biswanath Chariali (Assam).

Type: Central Sector Scheme

Objective: Human resource development for selection, operation, maintenance, management and energy conservation aspects of farm machinery and testing/evaluation thereof.

Salient features:

i. Imparting training to the farmers, rural youth


Productionising of Industrial Design of Agricultural Implements

Title: Productionising of Industrial Design of Agricultural Implements.

Type: Central Sector Scheme

Objective :

The Scheme envisages demonstration of improved agricultural Implements & machinery especially newly developed ones with the aim of their popularisation under actual field conditions and development of industrial designs of the functionally prove Agricultural implements and machines through established R&D o

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